Romanoff record out of step with Colorado voters

Romanoff, above, has been criticized for extreme policies, which some credit for his failed 2010 Senate bid.
Romanoff, above, has been criticized for extreme policies, which some credit for his failed 2010 Senate bid.

Professional Candidate Andrew Romanoff is running for yet another political office. After losing handily in the primary for U.S. Senate, Andrew’s now running for Congress. Let’s break down Romanoff’s record and his many positions in detail so you can decide whether he deserves your vote.

Like most professional politicians, Romanoff has been accused of hypocrisy. Take his own campaign finances as an example. Romanoff often brags that he’s not going to accept a dime of PAC money for his campaign. However, several news organizations have called that pledge into question. Some have labeled him a hypocrite for accepting money from corporate lobbyists and certain PACs. According to his most recent fundraising reports, Romanoff accepts money from political committees if it’s run by a member of Congress, and accepts donations from lobbyists. Ironically, he even used to run a PAC of his own. Given those facts, it’s pretty hard for Andrew to say he’s not accepting a dime of corporate PAC money.

Romanoff above suports a national energy tax
Romanoff, above, supports a national energy tax

The power of the purse is one of Congress’ main functions. A closer look at Romanoff’s liberal, tax-raising record shows us exactly what he’d be like in Washington. In the Colorado State House, Romanoff voted more than 50 times to raise taxes and fees – including the largest tax hike in over 20 years. All told, Romanoff voted to increase taxes by over $3.7 billion.

On healthcare, Romanoff supports Obamacare and even thinks the law should go further. Romanoff has criticized efforts to repeal the law even though insurance premiums in Colorado have risen drastically since the law’s enactment. Worse, Obamacare threatens women’s access to healthcare and cuts Medicare for current seniors.

Energy development remains a hot button issue here in Colorado, providing numerous jobs and a boost to our local economy. So it’s concerning that Andrew Romanoff has said he supports a national energy tax that would likely cause us to lose some of those good-paying jobs.

With his campaign finance hypocrisy, support for tax hikes, Obamacare and a national energy tax, Andrew Romanoff’s extreme record will likely be too much for Coloradans to stomach come November.